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"We take 'any-shaped' people and we bend and mould ourselves to meet them where they are at"

Student : I have learnt a lot of different skills since starting at Breakthrough.  The staff have helped me find and develop my passion for learning. I feel they really understand and listen to me.


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A Teacher at Kairos College said,

"We empower and equip individuals to fullfill their potential. We don't judge and will do everything in our power to help them succeed".

Student 18 I’m a pupil at Breakthrough for 3 years, when I arrived all those 3 years ago I was shy and quiet but now Breakthrough has changed that. I have been able to achieve so many things I wouldn’t have been able to do before especially at the level I can, this is because my confidence has grown so much over the years and all the friendships that have been built between the staff and other pupils. Coming here is a life changing experience you don’t need to worry about if you’re having a bad day or you can’t do the work the staff will be there every step of the way.

Professional Interventions

All our provision is underpinned by specialist professional interventions from our own Senior Occupational Therapist, 

High Level Speech and Language Therapist, Autism Specialist, Educational Psychologist, by the Mental Health Team, Family Support Specialist and Therapeutically trained Teachers.  This is overseen by our Manager for Disabilities and Special Educational Needs.  

Children aged 5-16 remain on roll at their school and come to us for up to 18 hours a week, with the school responsible for the remainder of their education.  We work closely with the school and assess behavioural and mental health needs.  From there a child is helped therapeutically and educationally. We reintegrate them back into school in a very supported and caring way as soon as we are all sure that they are ready to be able to do so successfully. 


Our Independent Post-16 Special Educational Needs service is situated in beautiful rural surroundings.  A large homely farmhouse provides spacious rooms where our learners engage in a range of educational and holistic therapeutic activities.  We offer a range of Unit Award Schemes, GCSEs, A-Levels and City and Guilds qualifications, at the moment up to Level 4.  

This is the hub of Breakthrough where you will find a really lovely team of folks who give a warm welcome to learners.  They answer their questions and help with their needs and also act as a point of contact between college and home.



Here at Breakthrough we recognise the importance of appropriate work experience placements for each of our learners in Secondary and Post 16.  This enables them to further develop their confidence and abilities within the working environment and to gain much needed skills for the future.

Work Experience
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